Iron Range Off-Road Cyclists


We would put a short description or maybe just our mission statement here, followed by maybe a link to news so something like blah blah blah blah lbah, mission statement.

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Meeting Recap

  • Membership meeting recap
    • May 1, 2014
    • Minnesota Discovery Center
    • 37 in attendance – from all over the Range
    • Luther Kemp (IROC President)
      • Acknowledged new club
      • Progress on club setup, bylaws, web, Facebook, IMBA chapter
    • Alex Lund (IROC Treasurer)
      • Treasury update
      • Encourage membership
    • Hansi Johnson (IMBA Director)
      • Intro to IMBA
      • History
      • How Chapters develop and succeed
      • Updates on other Chapter’s success.
    • Pete Kero (IROC Vice President)
      • Redhead project update
      • Scoping out new sites for development
      • Maple Hill update
      • Lookout Mountain update
      • GRIMBA Tioga, Legion update
      • Giants Ridge update
      • Weekly club rides coordinator
      • Parade float Hibbing Parade coordinator
    • The meeting was very successful!
    • Thank you for supplying door prizes!
      • Bikes on Howard
      • Bark Design
      • Range Center
      • Jim’s Sport’s Club  
      • Snicker’s Pizza
      • MN Discovery Center
    • Anyone interested in being a ride or event coordinator?
    • Next meeting TBD. Stay tuned!
    • EMAIL: